About Dawn Roberts

Dawn calls Alberta home, but as a military kid she experienced more than her share of moving around and cultural changes throughout childhood.  Dawn’s capacity to adapt and change, a skill she learned when she was young, has proven invaluable in her knack for tackling and overcoming challenges.  Although she did not have the opportunity to attend university as a young woman, Dawn is fulfilling that dream now, and is currently working toward a BA in Psychology.

Dawn's Story

Today, Dawn and Theo travel the country, connecting with people and sharing Theo’s personal story. As a survivor of childhood trauma herself, Dawn inherently understands the emotional and tangible obstacles that many Fleury Enterprises supporters face — and her ability to develop genuine relationships with people from all walks of life quickly is why Theo considers Dawn an integral part of his team.

When not at work in downtown Okotoks, Alberta or on the road, Dawn enjoys spending time with her husband, children, grandchildren and friends. She also carves out time each morning to take her three dogs for a good, long walk — a ritual that Dawn might look forward to even more than her four-legged family members.