Ignite Your Life

“Coaching in its truest sense is giving the responsibility to the learner to help them come up with their own answers.” – Vince Lombardi

Learn from a master of reinvention how to step out of old conceptions and continually redefine yourself—no matter how difficult it seems in the moment.

Theo Fleury has incredible life experience, both on and off the ice. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the topics of pursuing excellence and personal growth. His insightful perceptions look beyond anyone’s external behaviours to what lies beneath the surface, and he has an uncanny ability to get to the core of things quickly and thoughtfully. To his “real conversations,” Theo brings clarity, honesty and compassion – partly because he’s been there, and also because he’s wise enough to know that this kind of coaching helps him get healthier as well.

Theo fluery

Reconnect Your Mindset

Armed with a deep and active passion for learning, Theo has honed his relational skills by placing value in connectedness and humility.
Two worth-repeating ideas that Theo understands more than most:

  • The biggest obstacle in your way is you
  • To really thrive, it takes teamwork

Sometimes the best “coaches” are the ones who (like Theo), as players, would go the extra mile for every one of their teammates. Hockey is a lot like life, and we all know that for Theo, this is about way more than hockey.

What a Theo One-on-One session can provide

  • Inspiring, positive life transformation
  • Support in finding your own resilience
  • Personalized strategies for managing stress
  • Motivation to help you reach your purpose, vision and goals.

How the session work

  • Contact Fleury Enterprises to arrange a mutually convenient time with Theo.
  • A connection via FaceTime will be arranged.
  • Each session lasts 1 hour.
  • All conversations are strictly confidential.

Theo is not accepting new clients at this time.

Emerge an even better version of yourself following each meeting.

Every session comes with a complimentary signed copy of Conversations with a Rattlesnake, Theo’s recent bestselling book co-authored with renowned occupational therapist, Kim Barthel.

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