Talk with Theo

In 2003, Theo Fleury walked away from hockey, from the only life he knew. He left millions of dollars, millions of fans, millions of questions behind him. He had to. To meet Theo is to meet a survivor.

His story is a common one…and an uncommon one.

Theo Fleury is a leading voice in relational trauma. He is also a charismatic public speaker and audience facilitator who delivers inspiring talks about leadership, teamwork and resilience. Fleury Enterprises offers five unique speaking engagement packages that feature Theo Fleury himself.

Workshop with Theo

The world is always changing. Theo embraces continual self-reinvention and teaches workshop participants that impactful leadership requires the willingness to welcome change into our everyday environments.

Helping other people in need is also a powerful leadership skill that many group settings can benefit from. By introducing the concept of “real conversations” to participants, Theo imparts the tools needed to first recognize signs of trauma in others and to then conduct productive

conversations with survivors that can help them along their path toward healing.

This package is recommended for leadership summits, workplace training sessions, team-building retreats, educational institutions and rehabilitation centres.