The workshop begins with Theo sharing his story of how he overcame his painful past, alcoholism and drug addiction. He shares with the audience his mistakes, triumphs and new learnings. Having now bared his soul and shown his vulnerability, Theo creates a safe space for conversation with the audience on trauma and healing. He will encourage people to tell their stories without shame, without fear. He will talk about how to overcome obstacles and practice mindfulness, and how we all must learn compassion and humility.

Theo is not a psychotherapist, but has incredible life experience, both on and off the ice. He brings a wealth of embodied knowledge to the topics of pursuing excellence and personal growth. Refreshingly, his insightful perceptions look beyond anyone’s external behaviours to what lies beneath the surface; he has an uncanny ability to get to the core of things quickly and thoughtfully. To his conversations he brings clarity and honesty, and compassion – partly because he’s been there, and also because he knows it’s needed.