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Fleury Enterprises

Founded by former NHL player, Theoren Fleury, Fleury Enterprises mission is to help people overcome any obstacle by igniting leadership, action and resilience from within.

Fleury Enterprises focuses on relational trauma and believes that by educating the public about the prevalence and signs of this type of emotional injury, we can increase awareness and reach more people who are in pain and in need of help.

Theo Fleury is a dynamic public speaker and audience facilitator. His varied events and experiential workshops not only entertain, but also empower guests to tackle old issues from a fresh perspective.

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“The more we talk the more we bring awareness to the subject of getting rid of those secrets…being honest open and vulnerable — that stuff is okay”.

“Me Too”.

Theo is skillfully adept at inviting audience self-reflection during his many speaking events by creating safe environments for guests to share their own “Me Too” experiences. Without controversy or blame, Theo focuses on helping and leading others down a path of healing. “Me Too” is an uplifting talk about hope. It is a reminder that we are never alone in our struggles, because we have all faced adversity in our lives.

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Relational trauma

Relational trauma is the experience of repeated neglect, abuse, bullying, or other type of behavior that causes lasting psychological harm. It’s usually perpetrated by a family member or other close loved one, and the repercussions are serious and long-term. It is important to recognize that relational trauma can deeply affect you and people close to you, but also that overcoming these experiences is possible.

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