Why Now?

Theo is not a psychotherapist, and he doesn’t pretend to be, but he wants to help people get to where they want to go. When you enlist Theo Fleury as your personal coach, he can help you improve your game, unravel a problem, find direction, and/or even find clarity to understand a bit more about in why you do what you do.

Each time Theo shares his message, he invests himself unreservedly for one single purpose: to help. Theo’s talks inspire leadership, teamwork and resilience, and they are never short on entertainment value as well. It is never too late for positive reinvention, and Theo’s dynamic storytelling might be just the inspiration you need to finally confront life’s challenges head on.

What is Relational Trauma?

Relational trauma is defined as harm done to one person by another in a marital/primary relationship through any form of abuse, be it emotional physical or sexual. A form of PTSD, it is important to recognize that relational trauma can deeply affect you and people close to you, but also that overcoming these experiences is possible.