Theo fluery talking

Theo Fleury is a dynamic public speaker and audience facilitator. His varied events and experiential workshops not only entertain, but also empower guests to tackle old issues from a fresh perspective.

Guests will leave workshop with Theo feeling motivated to confront obstacles head on, truly understanding that change is possible and heartened that quitting is never an option.

Theo personally facilitates all Fleury Enterprises workshops.

Event Details

  • Theo will guide your group through a 3- or 6-hour, hands-on workshop.
  • Participants will have opportunities to practice “real conversations” with peers during several break-out sessions.
  • Fleury Enterprises provides all printed material to support themes discussed on the day of the workshop.
  • Fleury Enterprises provides additional take-home printed resources and/or links that participants may reference anytime in the future.

Event promotion

  • Fleury Enterprises will send an uploadable promotional digital banner that you may post to your organization’s website.
  • Fleury Enterprises is happy to reciprocate and post your organization’s logo/link on the Fleury Enterprises site for a predetermined duration of time, both leading up to and following the workshop.

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