“My whole entire life was chaos. And if there wasn’t chaos, I would create chaos. But it’s where I felt the most comfortable. Where I felt the most normal, was in chaos.” - Theo Fleury

As a young child, Theo turned to hockey to escape from the pain that he was experiencing at home. It was on the ice rink where he received the love, admiration, and celebration from hockey fans that he hadn’t felt before.

However, that pain manifested into anxiety, panic disorders, and depression. Dealing with childhood trauma and adolescent sexual abuse led him to alcohol and drug addiction that would eventually end his NHL career.

In his words, Theo describes the lowest point in his life where he was spiritually, emotionally, and physically dead. Theo details his life experiences in interviews, speeches, and speaking engagements below in a raw and honest perspective that leaves the audience heartbroken, yet inspired and full of hope.


Fleury Enterprises was born with the belief that we all have leadership qualities within us that can be ignited. It starts with making the choice to become a leader in your own life that translates into helping others find their voice and tell their story.

As a motivational speaker, Theo tells his story to reach more people and to raise awareness of abuse and childhood trauma for the purpose of destigmatizing shame. Listen in as he tells of his personal life experiences, insights, and the healing journey that transformed him into the leader that he is today.


The power of relationships in the healing process is significant, and it starts with the relationship that we have with ourselves. Theo empowers his audience about what vulnerability, humility, compassion, and loving yourself truly means within a generation that shames it.


As the traumatic experiences and sexual abuse piled on, Theo continued to turn to alcohol and drugs to cope with his mental health and the overwhelming pain that he was dealing with. However, coping mechanisms never get better and then you’re left with a choice.

In a vulnerable and informative way, Theo empowers his audience on how to take action, take back your life, and continue to push forward.

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