Have you ever been about to make a presentation and felt your heart racing? Rub on a little extra deodorant before a big job interview? Being aware of your body and its reactions to certain stimuli has long been called “mindfulness.” Being mindful of your body and its surroundings has been shown in research from top medical universities like Harvard, Northwestern, and Johns Hopkins to reduce stress, increase brain density, and work to help increase empathy, memory, and attention span. 

For maximum benefits, some studies claim 45 minutes to one hour a day of mindfulness meditation is needed. But with today’s frenzied pace—9-hour workdays, parental or elder care duties for many, exercising to keep the rest of your body fit, and time to develop yourself professionally—an extra hour of sitting in a dark room focusing on your breath might just make you feel even more anxious.  Click here to read more…

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